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A Design Studio based in Brooklyn, New York taking in Identity and Graphic Tasks, In house fashion and collection design is produced on a side based timeline.


Ordered a product through the online storefront?

Items are shipped within 3-7 Days and the following ship time will base on consumers location.




Sizing and Alterations

Studio Villa Collection One Light Fleece Crewnecks are designed to look and feel oversized, ordering one size above the size you normally purchase a crewneck sweater with.


My sweater looks cut?

Collection One Crewneck Sweaters have the hems removed to create a freeform, lightweight visual. The sweaters are purposefully handcrafted and look hand altered as crewnecks are hand to translate this aesthetic that is unique to Studio Villa's aesthetic.





Returns & Refunds

All sales purchased through the online storefront are final. Returns are not accepted. Please review your order carefully as the confirmation email binds you to these conditions.



Limited releases can create a large flow to Studio Villa's website, A product may be out of stock and an email will be sent out to said consumer if so, please note we will always try to accurately portray color, sizing and stock and viewing our products on a high resolution, clear display will give optimum view at the product in interest.